London Assembly Fscks Londoners up their rear
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2018-06-11 23:40:21 UTC
London Assembly Fscks Londoners up their rear

Great time was has had by all the happy and
gaytards in London Assembly regeneration committee
fcking up London and Londoners.

They publish a report a year ago saying London
has no Internet.


Since that date, absolutely fsck all has happened.
Not a single fiber has been installed.
Not a single person will receive fiber connection
for £50 a month by 2020. Why do these fscktards
claim they are employable and take tax payer money?

The mayor appoints a digital commissioner of sorts.
Some retard who accomplished exactly nothing
because the troll is a nobody.

Another win for Londoners who are comatozed
on endless streams of lies from poolitician.

Why do these people even bother to turn up for work?
All they will do is go into print with another lie,
get paid, and then back in time for another great
like and life of stealing and loafing on tax payer wealth.

City sacks BT (British Telecum) boss


The fscking krone tool master baiter has master baited
himself dry to the huge annoyance of the City seeing
the company driven to the ground under this troll.

They want the troll gone for driving BT to the ground
with all that krone tool master bation nation
tactics that has left all its workers in a pool of
wahahank of the managements own making.
They know this from other companies in Europe who
are doing a lot better.
UK is bottom of the league and now that the job
is done, the troll is leaving for good.

Fiber costs under $250 average per household to provision.

And costs recovered in under 2 years.

And all the fiber companies have told this to
the Chancellor (some spreadsheet illiterate poser
who mistakes row and column editing in wordprocessor
for spreadsheet usage), and yet this troll walks
into the offices of No.11 every day to sign blank checks
to BT to the tune of 1.5 beeeellliooon!!!

And all of this spend is not going to result in
one symmetric gigabit fiber being laid to any
customer by 2020 by BT or Openroach.
This despite 4% of UK fibered
up by fiber companies who are not going to get
a penny of this 1.5 billion pounds in any direct
way that builds up fiber companies in UK.

That money in the hands of pure fiber companies
is worth at least 5 million households being wired up
with pure fiber by 2020.

So is the spreadsheet illiterate Chancellor a right proper
wahahahanker or not?

And now we come to replacement job specifications.
Remember we are talking BT, Offcum, Openroach
threesome in a bed job interview full of tantric
methodology holding back from screwing each other
and poke their eyes out so the new employee may
screw the public and investors for good this time
when unleashed and send UK into the dark ages.


1. You must be a krone tool masterbaitor otherwise
there is no hope of entering the list.

2. If you installed fiber in your life, you are toxic
to the management culture and should be unemployable
from day 1 in backward looking repressive regime.

3. If you ever watched football or know how to cable up teevee
then you are a star. Take the elevator to top floor
for immediate interview. BT is all about watching football
and selling Teevee. Not phones, not Internet, not data,
not fiber Internet, not symmetric fiber Internet.

4. If you ever installed Internet, especially gigabit Internet,
fiber Internet, 5G, IoT, AI, Big Data, Automation, then
you must be looking for a different job.
This job is for wahahahankers who master bait all day
with krone tools and lie and lie till the knrone tool drop off.

5. How many symmetric fiber Internet connection does BT own
paying £150 a month (if that)?
a. None
b. All
c. 1 million

If you guessed b or c, then you are correct. Unfortunately
we don't want anyone else to know these numbers.
So you don't have job. Sorry.

We shall occasionally add spurious questions in the
interview to make sure you came from the same mold
as your predecessor. So please throw away all your
good ideas and turn your mind blank before interview.

BT (British Telecum) Wahahanks on Openroach Suitors

<wank> <wank> <wank> SPLAT!!!

Yeeha!! That is what I'm talkin about!

Master baiting without due care and attention
and squirting wahahahank juice all over the place.

BT (British Telecum) has wahananked and splat all
over Openroach investors looking to buy out Openroach
from BT for cash.

The reason is simple.

When Offcon split Openroach from BT, BT had objected
to its staff insiders in Offcon through the revolving
door policy. Because BT has a million fiber lines running
at 10GHz owned by Openroach, if they had to pay the going
rate of £25,000 for each one - one for every cabinet in
the street and one for each mobile phone mast, they
would be shot to pieces being obliged and unable
to pay £25 billion for their telecum bills.

So offcum nixed it for them by allowing openroach to charge
only £150 a month for these lines. So their net bill
goes down from 25 billion to £1.8 billion.

Any investor would then see Openroach as a business with at least
£1.8 billion revenue and would dearly love to buy it up and
charge the going rate. Instant profit of
at least 23.2 billion a year.

So naturally BT stepped in to the Openroach buyout talks
and basically wahahahanked all over the faces of potential buyers.
of Openroach. Should BT be sued for this? Should BT be banned from
all decision making meetings? BT will still find someone
to infiltrate.

BT has the largest number of fiber optic gigabit links in UK.
Around a 1 million gigabit fiber connections.
None of which is shared with anyone.
Indeed, according to BT and all its trolls, there is no
demand in UK for gigabit Internet. This despite BT alone
owning 1 million ten gigabit fiber Internet links at discount
prices of £150 a month - one connection to each cabinet and mobile

So what about Chancellor's promises to give everyone gigabit
links by 2025? This fsckwit chancellor who doesn't know
how to use a spreadsheet still gives out 1.5 beeelioons
to BT to extend its copper network, instead of holding
out and giving all the money to fiber companies to install
new fiber and over existing copper ducts.

3% of UK runs on gigabit fiber - because it is cheaper to
install over copper networks than any other form of
Internet. But BT does not want British companies to
own their own fiber Internet. It might cause us to become
competitive - each city worth at least £2 billion more
in world commerce.

Master baiting with krone tool.. OOoo! I think its getting bigger!

Hammond the fcktard chancellor who doesn't know how to use a
spreadsheet (confusing row/column editing in a wordprocessor with
spreadsheet activity) is still giving beeellliooonss to UK
incumbent telecum cumpanies. There will be NO symmetric
gigabit fiber Internet for ANYONE from these billions
of pound builds by 2020. Why does this fsckwit turn up for work?
To sign cheques for BT? (British Telecum).

All that is happening is that krone tool master baitors
have won the idiot challenge to raid the treasury and
install more copper network. They are the most fsck witted
retards on the planet and why they deserve beeellliooons
of tax payer money they can't say.

Even a simple housewife now provisions symmetric gigabit
fiber Internet and charges £30 for the service is countryside
where none of the fscking krone tool master baiting shirt and tie
wearing choir boys from BT (British Telecum) will turn up
to sing their girly songs about copper:

By 2025 all this copper needs to be taken out again.
So what is the point of spending beelllions on krone tool
master baitors and their wet dreams extending copper?

There is not a single point or justification available for
installing copper. Fiber is installed on top of copper ducts.
There NOTHING new with this. So every new install
from today can be pure fiber over copper cables and ducting.
It costs nothing to switch.
Telecum companies save £50,000 to £100,000 for every
telephone cabinet in the street because fiber doesn't need cabinets.
It runs for 20km to 100km without repeater!
So no need for cabinets from local exchange.
Rip them all out and sell it for scrap!

Every fiber company has already told the chancellor
no new moneeey is needed to roll out fiber
because they can recover their costs in under 2 years.
So he does not need to spend the beellions on krone tool master
baitors. Instead of being a fckwit who doesn't listen,
it is just as easy to change the laws giving full
access to fiber companies just like utilities
to dig anywhere any time within reason and install fiber
with police supervision if landlords refuse access.
That's what it means to be a utility with civil
authority to provision.

ASA insists its not out of date as it mis-labels copper as fiber service


ASA (Advertising Standards Anonymous) drunk on technical buffoonery
insists it knows what its talking about when it labels copper
delivered Internet as being fiber delivered Internet.

No technical persons of interest were available to comment.

Because there were none.

ASA determined fiber is same as copper by sticking their tongue
into a copper cable to determine its baud rate.

After a few Hz, they could not detect any appreciable difference.

This was the basis of their finding.

ASA makes up its own rules defying expert opinion because it is they
who determine the rules by snorting mind boggling drugs, not experts.

Government and Chancellor backs this idea of funding illiterate technology.
Currently beelions are of tax payer money being paid out
to extend copper which is not gigabit capable at 20x expense and 20x slow.

UK lags gigabit symmetric fiber Internet for IoT and Industry 4.0.

All this tax payer funded waste will not delivery one
symmetric gigabit Fiber link for £30 a month
which B4RN run by farmer's wifey provides to rural farmers.

Only 3% of UK has cheap gigabit symmetric fiber Internet
while Portugal has 80% for example.

UK fake fiber orgy self congratulation master bation nation


I cannot believe is this the most origastic self righteous
government fsckie congratulations filled complete utter fsck up with
billions of pounds of tax payer money waste in BT
(British Telecum) by the present government and its
spreadsheet illiterate chancellor.

None of this $1.5 beeeelllioon moneeey will benefit UK
with gigabit capable Internet.

It is one of the longest crappiest self congratulatry
master bation fluidic splatter mess you are likely to encounter today
in telecum circles. And yet everybody knows who the
real wahahahankers are don't they offcum?

It is 20x cheaper to provision "symmetric gigabit fiber Internet"
than it is to provision outdated "broadband Internet"

Any troll with a spreadsheet can work out
it is 20x quicker to provision "symmetric gigabit fiber Internet"
than it is to provision outdated "broadband Internet"
because the capex is low, the amount of equipment is low and readily
available to order from numerous standardized suppliers
with interchangeable hardware.

That didn't stop government conspiring with Offcum, BT, Openroach
into stealing 1.5 beeelllion pounds of tax payer money
and shitting up whole of UK with trolling up and down
the country installing crap 20x more equipment for 20x less speed
than what fiber companies install all day, every day, making
more moneeey than BT and its krone tool master bation out
dated equipment. None of this crap is gigabit capable.
So why is UK government funding this crap?

Isn't time to sack all the BT staff, offcum staff, and give Hyperoptic,
Citifiber, B4RN etc the job sheet offcum/government?

Sidik Kan't Mayor appointed London Digital Orifficer is a P rick


To make up for that BT's (British Telecum's) leader is a fscking P rick and
a liar
claiming in ft.com there is no demand for gigabit data lines while just one
cumpany alone in UK uses around a million gigabit fiber links.
Its called BT (British Telecum), the fscking P rick and liar's own cumpany!!

London's beedy eyed mayor who has problems with where to put
his eyes when he looks at people in swimwear for holiday adverts
has appointed a P rick into position of London's chief Digital Orifficer
who has achieved exactly nothing compared to his peers.

If it were down to me, I'd call for the abolishment of daylight robbery Dark
Fiber Tax
to start with because BT doesn't pay, or at the very least don't excuse and
favouritism to BT from paying the Dark Fiber Tax, while small companies are
to pay it so that BT may survive, ban cumpanies selling fake fiber, insist
all new
digital links must be supplied at best value for money node which is
to abolish expensive "broadband Internet" and replace it with 20x cheaper
and 20x quicker to provision "Gigabit Symmetric Fiber Internet".

Dark Fiber tax is just another window tax that needs to be abolished

The fscking trolls in Offcum introduces medieval window
tax system on any fiber optic link you put down - called the dark fiber tax.
This is tax on any fiber that is not installed by BT (British Telecum),
and gives the money away to everyone who doesn't contribute
to telecom fiber networking.

This makes about the same sense as taxing
gravy to give to train operators.
Think of all those passengers having
to leg it home if your gravy is not taxed!!

Window tax was abolished because it
contributed to daylight robbery.
Robbing daylight was rampant until the public
had enough and the whole thing had to be abolished.

Dark fiber tax is the same. Everyone who
wants a fiber internet must pay the dark
fiber tax to get fast internet down a fiber
(unless you are British Telecum
because they got a million fiber links linking
to all 4G masts to street cabinets while
you got none).

This is another fsck up on a cluster scale between
BT Offcum and everyone else wanting to install fiber
data links because it is 20x cheaper to install
and 20x faster to install.

The whole lot of them need to be disbanded, and all
their fscking window tax systems abolished.

BT VM Openroach and Offcum directors running criminal enterprise

BT (British Telecum) along with all the cumpanies that BT owns
like Openroach, and encumbants like VM that have bought up
all the UK infrastructure for telecum services as
well as the regulators are all now reduced to
running a criminal enterprise.

The problem they have is that they sell "broadband Internet"
based on copper wire based delivery of Internet,
while its replacement is "symmetric gigabit fiber Internet"
which is 20x cheaper to install, and 20x cheaper to roll out
because the capex is some 20x less threatens their business empire.

So they have resorted to running their business as a criminal
enterprise by adding value to fiber provision and illegally
selling it at inflated prices way beyond its costs.

While other companies are grabbing markets share by installing
symmetric gigabit fiber internet for £30 to £50 a month,
and delivering fiber Internet as it should be delivered
at a correct price to 4% of UK market,
the criminal enterprises operated by BT directors, VM directors,
Openroach directors are charging £25,000 to £85,000 for
the same services and have an illegal relationship with
Offcum to ensure that they are protected from law suits
that challenge these illegal pricing structures.

Not a single director of these criminal enterprises
will deliver gigabit fiber Internet to UK customers
at £50 a month by 2020 despite stealing billions
from British Tax Payers.

Government intervention required urgently.
But they are sleeping on it, fat on tax payer money.

UK IoT and 5G projects under threat from BT (British Telecum) Openroach and

UK IoT and 5G projects under threat from BT (British Telecum) Openroach and
who between them sell "broadband Internet" instead of 20x cheaper and 20x
faster to roll out "symmetric gigabit fibre internet".

With average upload speeds of 1mbit, products like the Ring door bell
with video and sound are not going to work.
These types of cameras have been around for a long time - e.g. the Foscam
models but they have all been killed off by low upload bandwidth.

Despite all the beelllions given to BT, Operoach and Offcum, they
have collectively squandered it all and needs to be broken up and
disbanded. All their assets need to be sold off to fiber optic companies.
Without any government support, these fiber companies have cabled
up 4% of UK. B4RN used this cheaper tech to roll out 20,000 customers
with 1gbit fiber for £30 a month in the most rural of countryside
while shirt and tie wearing BT don't even have a look in because
they use out dated technology and quote £85,000 per install.

When BT was split from Openroach, they didn't let anyone in on a
secret which is that BT uses around 1million+ 10gbit lines
and hoards all of the data capacity of UK whilst charging around
£25,000 for 10gbit links, so when it was split, Openroach
was forced to sell 10gbit lines to BT at £150 per month which
Offcum allowed.

Despite all this fscktardary, and the beellions and beellions
stolen by BT and friends, no one in UK will receive gigabit
internet links from BT, Openroach or Offcum for £30 a month by 2020.

Whaaat a fscking waste!!

This is going to cripple the IoT industry, AI industry, machine
learning industry and all kinds of start ups.

Most of these companies need 20 to 100+ 1gbit internet lines
each for their servers to cope with IoT data.
5G companies needs hundreds of thousands of such data links.

They would love to pay £30 a month because that is what its worth
these days across the globe.

But offcum won't go jump off a cliff to let someone else manage
and instead still pushing for 5G auction for the worst possible
deals for the the UK ever.

BT (British Telecum) Openroach crippled themselves to offer only 20 fibre
installs a month

A vast illiterate conspiracy to defraud British Internet Customers from
internet prosperity is afoot.

Openroach will only install 20 cables per month despite claiming
to have 33,000 engineers.


Sells it as fake news "industry problem" when the lying shiite heads
know its a management trolling position to prevent competition in
the market.

The telecom ducts and infrastructure should be confiscated and Openroach
BT (British Telecum)
should be ordered to pay costs for running the infrastructure down.
They should be charged for all the copper thick cables they use so that
they may replace it with fibre.

It should be sold off to competitors who can guarantee that their entire
infrastructure from end to end is cheap fiber and averaging costs
of under £150 per 1gbit symmetric fiber install to the home.
That way consumers are not going to be ripped off like what they
are being ripped off now.

Lack of Symmetric Gbit Fibre Internet killing AI initiatives in London

AI initiatives in London are all being killed off with
no IoT, no access to cheap 10gbit symmetric Fibre Internet
for servers because IoT devices have no way to upload
their data and none of the AI companies can afford the
hundreds of 10gbit lines needed for IoT services as the
prices range from £85,000 from VM to £25,000 for others
while Openroach which owns the ducts charge £150 per
month for the lines it installs to its parent
BT (British Telecum) and refusing the same price
to others whilst Offcum is refusing to unbundle fibre internet.

Great going again for Londinistanies and its beedy eyed
mayor who doesn't know where to look when confronted
with holiday ads featuring people in swim wear.

Fscking beedy eyed retard.

The City can go bunking off to Eurup now with a real excuse
and not bother funding any UK startups because there
is no internet - unlike say Paris or near third world
countries like Portugal. Even a third world country
like Azerbaijan has faster internet than UK.


Was that some noise made by BT (British Telecum) chairman
when a cucumber was inserted up his asss? - Yes me thinks.
But it could just as well have been a Londinistani mayor.

Was he wearing a shirt and tie at the time? - Yes me thinks.

What for does the troll wear shirt and tie? - No idea.

Should fresh vegan products be abused in this way? - not really.

How krone tool master baitors BT attacked a UK village

These *fscking* BT (British Telecum) krone tool master
baiters and how they abuse UK villagers seems
to come with no limit.


There is a lot of trolls talking up the topics
but everyone is confused about what is right next to them.

Look at the second photo and the map. Clearly British Telecum
Openroach Offcum krone tool master baitors
have installed their brand new fibre into a village.


These I assume are 10 gbit with hundreds
of strands - because it costs £2 per meter to install
this kind of fibre bundle.

So this rural village has a *FSCKING* FIBRE!!!

I repeat - this *fskcing* village has a *FSCKING* FIBRE!!!!

Yet waaaat internet do the villagers get?

The closest houses 1,2,3 get NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely fsck all internet with a *FSCKING* FIBRE
sitting next to them.

The next few houses get copper internet at sloooow
speeds at 20x expense of a fibre modem at $14.


Anyone with an air spade can cable up all the houses
with fibre in a day or two for under £150 per connection
including the $14 1gbit fibre modem.

That is a lot cheaper than the copper internet
equipment sitting in the cabinets.

We hear every day about rural broad band speeds suck.
Yes because government don't know what to ask for.

They should NEVER ask for broadband.

Always ask, what is the cheapest way to provision
symmetric Internet. Symmetric Internet can easily
and cheaply provisioned with 1gbit $14 fibre modems.

This pattern abuse is applies to ALL VILLAGES,
there is broadband.

At every *fscking* place there is a 10gbit fibre bundle
of 100 cores or more sitting in the cabinet
at £2 per meter. If not, Openreach should
be wound up for wasting tax payer money it
took to build this infrastructure, confiscate
all the ducts and let someone else like
a national fibre infrastructure operator
have a go with local fibre unbundling.

Every villager is intentionally being conned
out of Internet in Brexshitting UK plc.

Never ask for broadband. Always ask for cheapest
symmetric Internet.

BT (British Telecum) Openroach OFfcum might choose to lie,
in which case take them to court to explain costs
and poor shiite for investor working practices.

Hyperoptic, B4RN etc all manage to install fibre
and charge from £30 per month for symmetric
1gbit fibre. So BT openroach etc can only sell it cheaper
because their costs are even more lower.

British Telecum (BT) Openroach Offcum Fraudsters In Your Area

British Shiite For Telecum (BT) Openroach Offcum fraudsters now
operating in your area.

Typically they will promise your local council, or local
authority, or government they are taking your money to fibre
up a village - it could be Aberdeenshire, it would be Wales,
it could be London, and the *fscking* shiite investors are pulling
off the same fraud in every area.


They will spend 5 figure sums bringing fibre
to the village, and then run away not spending the £150
per household needed to connect the houses to internet.

This pattern of fraud is being repeated everywhere in an
identical pattern.

They install the fibre to the village
but run like the little dishonest shiites they are
from cabling up the houses.

Waaat the fsck for?

What are these super thick shiites doing in Telecum industry
with a license to cable up Brexshitting UK plc?
They don't know how to connect villages unlike
B4RN for example.

Should their telecom licenses be confiscated
for rural area telecom along with all the grants
they have received clawed back?

As a company, they should be prohibited from bidding
on rural telecom projets and actively dismissed
as a viable proposition until ALL their *fscking* mess
in the country side is sorted and FINISHED.

BT (British Telecum) Openroach giving double blow jobs with fibre

<blow> <blow> <blow> ... <job> <job> <job>!!

That is the sound of bhtee offcum openroach krone tool
master baiters installing fibre.

Double the price, half the productivity, half the efficiency,
and twice the manpower with Bhtee Openroach approach.

Openroach are already missed their own deadlines for rolling
out fibre.

The clue is here is that no one uses these out dated
practices except BT offcum openroach.

How low can these super thick management trolls get?

It cost about £1 to £2 per meter for a couple of hundred
core fibre. So why does BT openroach offcum trolls
install an empty fibre tube and then spend double time
blowing one fibre at a time through the empty tube
with a blow job?

May be they miss krone tool master bation and
now resort to giving customers blow jobs on site?

Double the time, double the effort, double the cost
and very few fibres get installed.

No one does this.

Everyone just installs once the 500+ fibre bundle cores
and leave plenty of spare capacity for cabling
up the rest of Brexshitting UK plc at a lower cost than
install tube and then fibre one fibre at a time.

The fsking p ricks at offcum BT (British Telecum) Openroach
should be relieved of their franchise and exclusive
access to markets and ducts with immediate effect.

All the street ducts should be confiscated by an agnostic
body and charged according to per cm cross sectional
area. So if you install a empty tube 1cm cross section
to blow one fibre, you fsck yourself in the rear
when someone else installs a 1cm cable with 500 fibres
for the same price and connect up 500 more customers
than management trolls and their blow jobs ever will.

This kind of telecum malpractice means no one in the City
is ever going to connected with high speed fibre optic internet
because every tall rise building now needs something
as large as Eurotunnel to cable up with hollow tubes
and one fibre at a time being run through them with a blow job.

What a fskcing mess!!

10gbit fibre internet being trialled by Hyperoptic


What is the difference between 1gbit and 10gbit internet?
The SFP fibre modems are $14 for 1gbit and under $20 for
10gbit now.

The contention ratio is 500:1 for 1gbit.
So the contention ratio is 5000:1 for 10gbit.

And its still faster than all of BT (British Telecum)
infrastructure and 200 times cheaper to deploy than
Openroach product and at least 20 times quicker
to provision because infrastructure costs are so low.


If its all symmetric internet with equal upload
and download speeds, the infrastructure costs are even
more lower because all of the speed control
and buffers are implemented in software.

UK Data usage is more than doubling every 2 years.

Despite the doubling, not one single BT (British Telecum)
Openroach Offcum customer will receive full fibre
1gbit symmetric internet in 2020 for under £50 despite
some 3% of UK getting 1gbit symmetric fibre for between
£30 and £50 per month.

Third world Azerbaijan has more internet than UK
run by fscktardinstanies in BT (British Telecum)
Openroach and Offcum.

The article continues to sell lies about rural
broadband and how its too expensive to provision.

They are *fscking* liars.

Its cheaper to provision rural networks
and there are plenty of real customers on
rural networks at £30 per month for 1gbit symmetric fibre.
B4RN prices happens to be more than 30% cheaper than Hyperoptic.
It can cost up to £100,000 per km in a town, while in countryside
average cost of provisioning in rural areas is £150 per
house hold because all it needs is a tube buried 200mm to a meter to
carry the fibre.

So it is immensely cheaper.

The biggest issues are landlords holding
their hand out for more money for allowing telecum
wires to be run through their property
whilst at the same time wondering why they don't
any internet (which requires the fibre connection)
and no mobile connection (which requires fibre for
connection to the large town).
This is now illegal as of December 2017.
But land owners association and country side association
(collectively known as shiiite heads) haven't worked
out their own members are at fault, and they haven't
come together and put up a web shiite with all
the landowners showing where cables can be run
for free for the benefit of them all.

And to top it all off, you have Openroach caught selling
to BT (British Telecum) 10gbit internet for £150 per
month after they got 'separated' from BT whilst
charging £25,000 per 10gbit link to other customers.




Everybody in the City go WAAA... I WANT MY 10GBIT FOR £150 A MONTH!!!

And take names and get them all sacked pleaaahse!!!

Offconn's Bhtee Telecum fsckies have fsckied again


Brexshit is around the corner when we all need 10gbit internet
to every home to compete in the world and make money
butt, bhtee fsckies and bhtee fsckied insiders in offconn
have done it again.

"Ofcom’s flawed approach was unduly fixated on a ‘make do and mend’
strategy of squeezing economic value out of BT’s existing legacy network, "


The *fscking* lot of them need to be sacked immediately!!!

They are *NOT* employees of Bhtee to be *fscking* about with
UK telecom market and helping Bhtee.

They are *NOT* employees of Bhtee to be *fscking* in courts
on behalf of Bhtee.

Political action required.

All the companies in the City and their global competitiveness
have been sold down the river because of
Bhtee and Offconn helping each other illegally.

Fake fibre sold by VM BT Offconn Openroach no good for gaming and social

Gigaclear, Cityfibre and Hyperoptic have all complained to Advertising
Standards Authority (ASA), but they still no action since 2008.


BT (British Telecum) offers similar upload speed to VM on 200mbit
service, but neither come close to similar priced products
from Gigaclear, Cityfibre and Hyperoptic with up to 1 gbit upload
speed enough for gaming, fast social media uploads, and for
whole family to use at the same time without compromising each
other's Internet experience.

The City is being overcharged and conned as well.
Their entire infrastructure is being overcharged and crippled
by BT (Brititsh Telecum) and encumbants.
City trading is 1000% crippled by slow internet
because British Telecum and Openroach don't know how
to install fibre with FPGA routers.

B4N has cabled up 20,000+ rural connection
and is offering down to £30 per month for 1gbit in rural
communities which shirt and tie fscktarts like VM and BT
(British Telecum) don't know how to cable up.

With the help of Offconn, these encumbants are charging
government £4000 per install when the actual costs
are below £250 per install for fibre.

There needs to be separate investigation with reps
from Gigaclear, Citifibre, Hyperoptic, B4RN etc
in the panel holding an parliamentary inquiry into
why the encumbants VM BT (British Telecum), Openroach
and Offconn have all been in it together to con
the UK government out of billions for services
they did not deliver.

I managed to install 1gbit pure fibre in the home for $41.15

$12.11 30m fiber optic cable - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-SM-SX-3mm-30M-9-125um-30-Meters-Fiber-Optic-Jumper-Cable-SC-UPC/32619865490.html
$29.04 2 x ethernet to fiber - media converter -

30m of pure fibre - only one required as the fibre media converter
is bidirectional and operates at 1Gbits down the single cable.

The fibre is SC-SC connector.

The media converter has SC connector - connect only to
the TX (and ignore RX marked socket) on both transceivers with single
SC-SC connector.

Connect PC to one transceiver ethernet socket, and other transceiver to
the ethernet switch and hey presto, you got 30M fibre linked
optically! :)

It took me all of 3 minutes to get it operational! :)

If you tried to do this about a year or more ago,
you would be out of pocket by a couple of hundred quid.
Today you can do it for £30 - which is just unbelievable.

Cables 100m, 300m and 500m available to link
PCs in garden sheds or extensions back to the switch or
to a router.

If you are linking farm houses together, neighbours
together in a village or linking offices in
a compound together, the procedure is effortlessly
the same. If you can, make your own cables with a bit of practice:

cleaver -$62- https://www.aliexpress.com/item/9-In-1-Fiber-Optic-FTTH-Tool-Kit-with-FC-6S-Fiber-Cleaver-and-Optical-Power/32647289225.html
sleeves - 5 cents - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000Pcs-OD2-4-45mm-Fiber-Optic-Fusion-Splice-Protection-Sleeves-Fiber-Cable-Protector-Heat-Shrink-Tube/32732857639.html
gigabit transceiver: 20km/1000BASE-LX - $17
64 way splitter $85 - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/SC-1X64-PLC-Singlemode-Fiber-Optical-splitter-FTTH-PLC-Steel-tube-type-FBT-PLC-optical-fiber/32476975506.html
fibre - --$375/km https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Fiber-Cable-Multimode-2core-Indoor-fiber-optic-cable-Duplex-Zipcord-PCV-jacket-3-0mm-Orange/793795646.html
Fiber junction box - $7 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KELUSHI-wholesale-FTTH-FTTH-fiber-panel-fiber-optic-terminal-junction-box-86-information-panels-86-Desktop/32598550478.html

If you are linking together ethernet equipment on different
phases (such as large buildings, or multi-storey offices)
then fibre is the way to go to prevent electrical signals
between the different phases damaging equipment (because
the net voltage difference between the phases can be
415V instead of 240V, and all of that meets in your switch
or router or a PC which is terrible news if there is
a problem).

The world is changing - even though I got fibre in the
home, and live in London, there is nowhere to plug
it into on the street, while the rest of the country,
at least 3% of it has fibre, along with many cities,
for under £50 a month, but not London.

Its an absolute terrible crime what offconn has
done to London. They should hang their heads
in shame and go dunk themselves in river Thames.
Hopefully the replacements are pro-fiber and pure
fibre company directors with a vested interest
in ensuring their under £50 a month fibre companies
are cleared to expand into London at
maximum possible pace.

Paris gets FTTH to all its 2 million inhabitants - Nothing for London

Sacra bleau!

Paris now has over 2 million FTTH 1 gigabit symmetric DSL (equal upload
and download speed) but London has NOTHING.

A big thank you goes out to *FSCKTARDS* at offconn for being
the vehicle for this.

We need names in front of TV instead fcktards going into hiding and
get out there explaining why Londoners (all 7 million of them, more than
UK population concentrated into one place) cannot have their
FTTH 1 gigabit symmetric DSL connection with equal upload and
download speeds starting at £30 per month to £50 per month
while 3% of the country already has it from the likes of
B4RN, Hyperoptic, Gigaclear, FibreCity etc., and other countries
and big cities like Paris that are competitors have fully cabled up FTTH.
In Sweden you got 30 providers per city while there are zero
providers in London.

So why can't these fsktards at offconn resign and let some
other authority be set up to that are pro-fibre and let Londoners
have fibre to the home?

It pushes up the value of London by at leas 2 billion pounds.
And each and every city can add the same value now that
we are brexshitting and have to have this technology to be

All it requires is some trolls to be spanked and sacked in
Offconn, and replaced with pro-fibre interest commercial
managers and bob is your uncle - value of UK goes up by
at least 50 billion when 25 cities and towns get cabled up
with fibre.

Angiewireless rolling out 10gbit fibre


Bhtee VM Openroach all shiitting in their pants
and master baiting even faster with their
krone tool master bation nation tools.

These Bhtee VM Openroach and their racketeering
protection organization offconn don't use 1% of
a gigabit internet connection delivering their pone collection
traffic and teeveee looped box set collection traffic.

Most of this looped teevee is not even watched
because more than 50% of the people on the internet
prefer to watch youtube and the like :)

Bhtee has no understanding of this reality as they go all out
thieving pensioners to fund Bhtee teevee,
and VM even less charging more every day for content
that is unwatchable with nearly 30 minutes of ads per
30 minutes of looped videos. Its easier to watch youtube :)

And gigabit fibre upload speeds are same as download speeds
because its a hundred times cheaper to do it that way,
which means streaming your work for millions to watch
or uploading content in a fraction of the time compared
to Bhtee VM networks that takes several hours to upload a video.

So what are they to do with 10gbit fibre companies
that have already achieved massive roll out
across the globe?

Are they going to sell all their assets
and be the 0.1% customers of these 10gbit companies now?

They have no choice but to sell their phone copper network
and teevee cable network for scrap and become the 0.1% customers
of 10gbit fibre companies.

Fibre costs 100th the price to lay down because their
ducts can be buried 200mm to 1m below the surface.
These ducts don't need strength as there is no electricity,
gas, water or sewage that can spill out if they got dug up
which requires strong ducts to be erected.

A small team can lay 2km of fibre network every day.
The cost of cabling up the entire UK is £6.5 billion,
and revenues first year is £15 billion minimum,
enough to pay it all back.

The retail costs of equipment now ridiculously low (wholesale cheaper):

cleaver -$62- https://www.aliexpress.com/item/9-In-1-Fiber-Optic-FTTH-Tool-Kit-with-FC-6S-Fiber-Cleaver-and-Optical-Power/32647289225.html

sleeves - 5 cents - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000Pcs-OD2-4-45mm-Fiber-Optic-Fusion-Splice-Protection-Sleeves-Fiber-Cable-Protector-Heat-Shrink-Tube/32732857639.html

gigabit transceiver: 20km/1000BASE-LX - $17

64 way splitter $85 - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/SC-1X64-PLC-Singlemode-Fiber-Optical-splitter-FTTH-PLC-Steel-tube-type-FBT-PLC-optical-fiber/32476975506.html

fibre - --$375/km https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Fiber-Cable-Multimode-2core-Indoor-fiber-optic-cable-Duplex-Zipcord-PCV-jacket-3-0mm-Orange/793795646.html

Fiber junction box - $7 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KELUSHI-wholesale-FTTH-FTTH-fiber-panel-fiber-optic-terminal-junction-box-86-information-panels-86-Desktop/32598550478.html

If you send your buyers to China and source all the kit directly,
you can get it much cheaper by the container load.

Your container may cost £2000, but you can bring across £200,000 pounds
worth of stuff
and be making £1 million by the end of a few months.
The only things that hold everyone back is the local councils that
are hell bent pricks on wheels catering to offconn, bhtee and VM interest
and requiring 50 miles of paperwork for 5 miles of fibre.

If you elect to get rid of them and replace it with
fibre friendly councillors in elections 2 months, then
who knows, you could have gigabit symmetric fibre before the
end of the year :)

70% of UK businesses and farms are worried about not getting
fibre into their premises. Bhttee offconn VM Openroach have
no plans to deliver £50 1 gigabit symmetric fibre to the home by 2020
despite 3% of UK households having it wired by non encumbants
like Hyperoptic, Gigaclear, B4RN, Cityfibre, Angiewireless and so on.

So smart alecs with businesses to run and employees to pay
need to push out the unfriendly types from government
and councils and get their fibre friendly councillors into office asap.

Bhtee VM accidentally leak their FTTP equipment prices


So I'm setting up BhteeVM_Leeks_WebShite.com web with retail price
list for these items (wholesale cheaper):

64 way splitter $85 - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/SC-1X64-PLC-Singlemode-Fiber-Optical-splitter-FTTH-PLC-Steel-tube-type-FBT-PLC-optical-fiber/32476975506.html

fibre - --$375/km https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Fiber-Cable-Multimode-2core-Indoor-fiber-optic-cable-Duplex-Zipcord-PCV-jacket-3-0mm-Orange/793795646.html

cleaver -$62- https://www.aliexpress.com/item/9-In-1-Fiber-Optic-FTTH-Tool-Kit-with-FC-6S-Fiber-Cleaver-and-Optical-Power/32647289225.html

sleeves - 5 cents - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000Pcs-OD2-4-45mm-Fiber-Optic-Fusion-Splice-Protection-Sleeves-Fiber-Cable-Protector-Heat-Shrink-Tube/32732857639.html

gigabit transceiver: 20km/1000BASE-LX - $17

The best way to build routers is to hire FPGA engineers and build the
routers yourself from FPGA and scale up
by building copies of own boards.

Otherwise have to purchase say a Cisco router upward £30,000.
Instead pay FPGA engineer £60,000 for 6 months to create as many FPGA boards
as you need for routers.

Examples of what can be done:

IoD calls for 10Gbit fibre

Anyone can get into fibre as the trenches are shallow (less than 1m deep)
and carry no electricity - farmer's wifey has done it! :)


Farmer's wifey runs pure fibre.
And delivers 1 gigabit fibre symmetric DSL with equal upload and download
at prices around 30 pounds per month. Bhtee and VM are choking on it and
master baiting
with their krone tools as fast as they can.

So when Bhtee charge 6000 pounds per year for their 1gbit service when we
know their
equipment costs are next to nothing now.
They need to pay all the customers this money back because it is illegal
to overcharge and kidnap all that money to fund subsidies for bhtee teevee
which they have been doing illegally for a long time.

Bhtee and VM can't even use 1% of the capacity with their teeevee and phone
They could instead ask B4RN to install gigabit fibre for them and become
their 1% customer and still everyone will make money.

So when Bhtee charge 6000 pounds per year for their 1gbit service, they
need to be told it must reflect costs as described above,
and any overcharging should be treated like PPI mis-selling
and needs to be paid back to customer from investor profit.

The regulators are in cahoots with Bhtee VM and should be got rid of
and replaced by pure fibre companies and reps.

It could be at least 10 years before bhteee and vm pay back
their over charged customers.

With real prices out in the open for FTTP kit, anyone can
go buy the kit and start laying fibre and make their own
companies. The only way to encourage startups is to deregulate.

With such low FTTP equipment costs,
its not difficult to see why companies like
Talk Talk is investing 5 million pounds
in Yorkshire to wire up 20,000 homes.
Revenue is easily 1 million pounds a month.
Everything paid for in under a year potentially.

Bhtee VM fails 2020 open market review

Bhtee and VM fail 2020 open market review to deliver
1Gbit symmetric DSL fibre to premises FTTP for £50 in a test
of free market.

By year 2020 no one in Bhtee or VM will deliver FTTP service
in UK at £50 per month.

This is despite Hyperoptic, Gigaclear, B4RN and many others
delivering 2% of UK infrastructure on 1Gbit symmetric DSL FTTP today.

Councils in England Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland warned
not to deal with Bhtee and VM roping them into expensive out
dated technology being peddled by the likes of VM and Bhtee
that are thin on facts and loose on professional delivery.
Local council and government funding should be given priority
to gigabit pure fibre optic companies delivering minimum 1gbit FTTP
symmetric DSL services capped at 50 pounds retail, noting the average
service provider is able to deliver it at under £30 per month.

All tax payer funding to the likes of Bhttee and VM should be stopped
immediately in favour of pure fibre companies.
The market is expected to be dominated by fibre
companies installing fibre in 1 meter shallow dug plastic pipes
as they don't carry electric cables which would otherwise require
deeper tunnels and stronger ducts causing extensive disruption.
Cumpanies like Bhtee and VM that use less than 1% of the internet
with their telephony and teevee data would become the 1% customers
of the new fibre companies.

Local councils and regulators should pressure Bhtee and VM to remove all
their unnecessary copper from their ducts with incentives such as fines
and sell it for scrap and recycling, and switch to using pure fibre
providers to deliver their services to UK customers.
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