British Telecum fscktopia - no one in UK will get gigabit telecum 2020
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2018-05-05 15:16:15 UTC
British Telecum fscktopia - no one in UK will get gigabit telecum 2020

80% of near third world country like Portugal is gigabit fiber.
10 gbit fiber in Singapore you get for $200 per month
1 gbit fiber in Hong Kong for $18 per month
30 telecom operators competing for fiber business in Sweden's cities
with municipal fiber.

UK 10gbit fiber £25,000 - £85,000 + Offcum DARK FIBER TAXES + VAT

Telecumming facktopia nation realized.

Brexshit government clueless.

No one in UK will get gigabit capable Internet from BT (British Telecum)
by 2020 despite all the moneee being spent on BT and its
sidekick Openroach by the spreadsheet illiterate Chancellor.

Clueless chancellor thinks fiber is something he gets free with his wheetabix.

If he stopped to plug the numbers into his spreadsheet, he will NEVER
dish out free cash to fund extension of the "broadband Internet" and
instead will put pressure on everyone to fund "Symmetric Gigabit Fiber Internet"
as its 20x cheaper to provision and 20x faster to provision.
The spreadsheet illiterate chancellor probably mistaking row and
column editing in his wordprocessor for a spreadsheet.

Paris alone has 2 million fiber links for all its citizens.
London with its 8 million inhabitents get NOTHING. Sacrea Bleaarghh!!!

Lying BT (British Telecum) chairman has gone on public record to ft.com
claiming there is no demand for fiber in UK.

The lying fscktard has earned his cumpany a ratings reduction
and puts all its investor's value at risk because the market knows
he is lying.

The lying facktard is caught lying because there is at least one cumpany
in the UK that has around 1 million gigabit fiber links. That is his
own cumpany BT. The lying fscktard.
2018-05-05 19:34:10 UTC
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