City of London fibered up in a few weeks with micro Kerb Trenching
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2018-07-08 14:30:40 UTC
City of London fibered up in a few weeks with micro Kerb Trenching

The machine cuts micro trenches parallel to the kerb for
installing fiber optic cables.

No need to cone off the area while the work is being done.

Cars, lorries and buses can drive over the micro trench while the work
is being carried out because it is only an inch or two wide.

Kerb trenches are cut between the kerb stone and paving stones which means
they get are solidly supported at either side while the
work is being undertaken.

So the City can invest in startup companies to have the entire
City fibered up before 2020 because these machines manage several
hundred meters per day per team.

It will require
1. Offcum regulatorions to be abolished in the City.
2. and BT (British Telecum) franchise to operate in the City be withdrawn
and given to new startups.

There will be no disruptions to the City while the advanced fiber
networks are put in.

The City will pay £30 to £50 per month for 10gbit symmetric links
compared to £25,000 to £85,000 they currently pay

Each bank and stock broker can have hundreds of gigabit symmetric
fiber Internet connections to around the world wherever they
have similar gigabit fiber technology like Singapore, Hong Kong,
Estonia, Paris, etc.

Any local council can do the same to elevate its people.
1. Abolish Offcum from issuing rules to govern their telecom projects
2. Widthdraw liceses for BT and Openreach from operating in your area.
3. The evidence is all in this IoD report.


4. Local authorities should sue in advance Offcum and BT to find
where all the money £25,000 to £85,000 has gone when in fact it
costs BT under £150 a month for 10gbit symmetric fiber line.
The illegal Dark Fiber tax is not practiced anywhere else and
is being illegally used by illegal ministers to illegal regulators
with illegal briefings under the pretense of officialdom
to fund BT private pension black hole of 14 beeelllion pounds.

City of London to save billions by forcing offcum to fsck off with their
dark fiber tax

The problem with BT (British Telecum) is that it is shiite for symmetric
gigabit fiber installation.
They don't know how to make it and sell it despite owning 1 million 10gbit
symmetric links
paying £150/m whilst charging the City £25,000 to £85,000 for the same

By discontinuing BT license to operate in City, the City companies stand to
several billions in fees by employing pure fiber companies. Since fiber is
20x less
expensive it becomes 20x faster to provision due to its lower capex.
The entire city could be kitted out in less than a year with 5 figure number
10gbit fiber data links linking the buildings shaving tens of milliseconds
off trading systems. In aggregate all the trader to trader calls would be
quicker and far more redundancy than anything BT offers to allow instant
of any faults. All of this because for the pure fiber companies you will
offcum to fsck off, not to pay the dark fiber tax, which is being used
to finance BT pension black hole of 14 beeelllion, and instead use the
moneeey to
get the latest FPGA routers for the pure fiber companies
that directly link trading floors across the City
The latest $900 fiber fusion splicers good for 100km work
can join in seconds and minutes. Even if a digger cut through fiber bundle,
it can all be joined back seamless in minutes to hours with latest

The City has golden opportunity to dismiss BT as its service provider and
call on pure fiber providers to take up all the slack - step by step replace

BT Screaming Shiite Management sacks 13,000 workers whilst unable to install
gigabit symmetric fiber

BT (British Telecum) a private company screaming shiite at its workers
sacks 13,000 employees whilst at the same time owning 1 million symmetric
10 gigabit fiber paying £150/m. The shiit screamers were unwilling to
retrain all 13,000 workers into fiber despite receiving a £1.5 billion
telecom handout. Instead the screaming shiite management of BT refuse to
£13 million to retrain all their engineers into fiber engineers and equip
them with $900 100km capable 0.01dB loss fusion splicers and tell them
to install fiber over the copper ducts becuase its cheaper and
less space. And remove the £100,000 'cabinets' because its not needed.

At the same time offcum have become stubborn, dug their heels in
and set up numerous barriers for entry
for small businesses that wants to move into fiber including the dark fiber
to fund private BT pension hole of 14 billion instead of letting
the company go to the wall and allowing newer companies and startups
take the market by storm. The IoD has called on offcum to remove all these
barriers immediately but Offcum refuses to comment because they are scared
of being drawn into the open for criminal behaviour over dark fiber taxes
and how its being used to plug BT 14 billion pension hole directly
or indirectly through dark fiber tax.

Government ministers get but fscked Digital in London by BT Offcum Openroach
and back home

These ministers come all the way from their cosy places to London trying to
do everything Digital for better service delivery but they get but fscked in
by BT (British Telecum) Offcum Openroach in London because there is nothing
in London to roll out Digital. There is no way to band together and
dismantle offcum
BT openroach, they haven't the man power and contacts.
And so they go back home and get but fscked there
as well as their constituents ask for their head because there is nothing to
roll out
Digital because there is no symmetric gigabit fiber networks there either
for 5G, IoT
and AI+Automation. We need symmetric gigabit Internet everywhere for
startups to set up
their servers and cloud services and get customers to buy the latest IoT
as the rest of the world is doing to develop good quality companies.
don't want to invest in a shiite hole like London with no Internet
thanks to offcum, BT and Openroach tripple act and have already cut the
by 25% compared to levels elsewhere like Paris which has symmetric gigabit
fiber Internet.

Government ministers agree London and UK not the place to make cloud
products or sell cloud services

The Internet is shiite in London and UK.
No Symmetric gigabit fiber Internet anywhere in London and UK unlike say
The investors would lose money in shiite UK telecummed infrastructure.
The only cumpany authorized to own them is BT (British Telecum) thanks
to Offcum - the shiite regulator of UK telecum industry which
has been told to pisss off for its stupid regulations that
no other country values by the IoD representing 35,000 UK Businesses.

While BT can get its 10gbit links for £150/m it resells it at
£25,000 to £85,000 as if moneey grows on trees.

Any Startup trying to start a new business in fiber would be slammed
by Offcum with Dark Fiber Tax that turns a £30/m 10gbit line to £85,000 per
unsellable product to protect private company BT and its
14 beeelllion pension black hole. This is strongly objected to by IoD
who suggests all fees should be elimated including access fee to ducts
the world is moving too rapidly to catch up.

There is no fscking space in London or UK now to startup a fiber
company directly cabling everyone to Internet because of stubborn
refusal for offcum to fsck off and die so that we can all get our
cheap symmetric gigabit Internet without their help.

Offcum agrees its fscking useless as level 4 driverless buses gets rolled
out in China

Offcum the most shitt like regulator in UK has agreed with BT (British
14 billion black hole pension fund schemers that its attempts at
collecting the money for private pensions of 14 beellion has succceded
in holding back UK as level 4 driverless busses get rolled out in China.


It is the nature of shitty orgs to master bait spherically so that no
other company in the UK gets to own some of the 1 million fiber circuits
that BT owns and pays of $150 per 10gbit symmetric fiber line
while it resells those at £25,000 to £85,000.

There is no symmetric gigabit fiber Internet in London
and this means you can't build driverless busses and cars
because there is no infrastructure to develop the huge amounts
data traffic these vehicles need to keep it safe.
Its all being done elsewhere like Paris for example.
London x4 times the size of Paris now investments
shrink to x3 compared to Paris instead of being x4.

But the political animal selling numbers about London
are confused and ended up labelling it all as "inward investment"
- the fscking trolls have no idea
that the so called inward investment is actually machines
to take more orders from UK and service it from abroad.
Or that it might be analytics firms that are 100x less
powerful than say an analytics firms in China that collects
data from mobile shoppers travelling in tubes because
there is no fscking Internet in tooobes in UK!!! Or on
trains or on busses. Unlike China.

No shiiiit!!!

Too much consolidation blamed for lack of choice for symmetric gigabit fiber

BT (British Telecum) owns 1 meellion symmetric 10 gbit fiber links paying
£150 a month each.

The industry is too consolidated as no one else owns or can buy 10 gbit
links for £150 a month.
The market freedom to purchase gigabit Internet links has been serverly
distorted by
offcum staff.

The blame has been placed squarely at the feet of the regulators Offcum for
allowing too much consolidation and standing in the way of competition.

IoD has spoken out and suggest offcum doesn't know how to regulate
and what they do is spurious and irrelevant that no one else in other
countries follow.


They suggest splitting.

I suggest, splitting "gigabit symmetric fiber" completely from all other

Investors have fled the market as noted by global legal firm

What little there is is being marketed as innovation when some London
doing analytics is sold off as an "AI company sale" or "Inward Investment"
which is a little
stretch of the imagination as they are not participating in the
resurgence of AI+Automation, Big Data, IoT, and 5G facilitated by symmetric
gigabit fiber adoption.
There is no symmetric gigabit fiber in London. So there are no big product
companies that generate
the big AI+Automation products, Big Data, IoT, and 5G or symmetric gigabit
fiber install.
Its a bit like going to a farmers market and being served ready cooked
meals. You want to buy the
produce cheap and add value to sell on. There is nothing of value that
London does
that uses cheap and available symmetric gigabit fiber Internet.
All they can sell you in London is stuff made elsewhere for symmetric
gigabit fiber Internet use;
products such as 5G made elsewhere, IoT made elsewhere and not usable in
London because of upload
speed limitations, AI+Automation that works in a LAN, and will work in say
Paris with its full symmetric
Internet infrastructure, but not in London because there is no symmetric
gigabit fiber Internet.

There are no products of symmetric gigabit fiber Internet made in London
because there
isn't any symmetric gigabit fiber Internet in London.

If you did make say 10 products and wanted 1000 10gbit fiber lines to roll
it out,
then the conversation goes actually like this...

Investor: Sounds interesting, I have money, but I'm not paying 25 million
for 1000 fiber lines.
All under the control of one vendor.
I can fund you if you already set up in Paris, Sweden, Estonia - a
lot cheaper.

UK Ministers conceals truth from investors in Bloommberg Teevee about London
being a pig hole for gigabit
fiber Internet

UK Ministers conceals truth from investors in Bloommberg Teevee about
London being a pig hole for gigabit fiber Internet. Sounds like BT (British
has butt fscked them again in front of Live Teevee.

There is simply nothing in UK and London to invest in when
it comes to 5G, IoT, gigabit symmetric fiber Internet companies, and
companies. There is simply nothing to invest in VR companies either because
there is
no upload bandwidth. There is nothing to invest in with real time online
gaming companies because there is no upload bandwidth. And there is nothing
to invest in new social media companies because there is no upload bandwith
to create any of these new companies.

The poolitician squanders the public and their valuable time away every day.
Billions of productive hours lost in a month.

No one can buy products while travelling in tubes, trains, and busses
3 hours of daily shopping time) unlike say Shenzhen in China
where if you invest in online retailing, you may win customers.
If you invest in UK, you will get nothing with piss poor internet.

That is because of Dark Fiber Tax. A tax on all things that is fiber
that makes a $200/m 10gbit internet line being charged £25,000 to £85,000
which is to pay for pension black hole of private company BT, which now
makes it a super unprofitable company living on borrowed time and handouts
from the Chancellor. Chancellor who doesn't listen against all advise
from telecom engineers in the rest of the industry to cut off the 1.5
spend on extending copper which they say be switched to fiber on the same
because they run in the same ducts without interfering on copper.

Digital Transformations in London Cancelled due to lack of symmetric gigabit
fiber Internet

All the bright things said about digital transormations in UK
and in particular in London is now cancelled due to
London's total inadequate provisions for symmetric gigabit fiber Internet.

The IoD warned about this in 2016 and while politicians slept
on it, the entire infrastructure funding for 5G, IoT, AI+Automation
has been removed from under their feet and invested in Paris,
China, Singapore and Middle East.
London and UK and its lazy defocused politicians do not deserve
the new industrial investor funding because there is nothing
to invest in. What little remains is extensions of what
has already been developed elsewhere. And even that is seriously hampered
by lack of ubiquitous symmetric gigabit fiber Internet everywhere.
There is no mobile signals in trains, underground and buses
which means those that do invest in London can't get many orders
from Londoners because they are not digitally connected during
their free time to do online ordering and shopping during the
2 to 3 hour daily commute.
Pooliticians are so stupid and retarded they are caught lying selling
this as 'inward investment' when in fact it
is superior technology invasion to collect more orders
and process it more quickly. There is no inward investment
that will result in new and IoT, 5G, AI+Automation technology
being developed in London and UK to roll out elsewhere in
the world. The pooliticians are hallucinating and master baiting
to a higher authority. We call this sperical master baiting
when you look to the heaven and let leash some fluids in
all directions hoping someone somewhere believes in your
master baitory splashes as some kind of blessing.

Offcum agrees to turn itself in for parliamenatary enquiry

New just in: Offcum agrees to turn itself in to parliamenatary
enquiry after refusing to cooperate with FOI requests and
disclosing they taken private cumpany BT (British Telecum)
concerns and its money to to set up illegal Dark Fiber Tax to prop up
private company BT as direct and indirect beneficiaries of this tax.

All staff past and present are being urged to turn in all
material as soon as possible to Parliament telecom committee
in exchange for reduced sentencing. In particular they should
answer on behalf of their illegal and non-cooperative
superior for all informtaion on FOI requests as described below.

Offcum refuses to disclose FOI request on Dark Fiber Tax usage purpose

The FOI question is simple. How much money does private company
BT (British Telecum) and Openroach benefit from Dark Fiber Tax
directly and indirectly?

And how much of that is directly or indirectly used to pay
the £14 billion private pension hole of BT?

We all know the answer is 100%.

Offcum does not want to answer because it would implicate them
in favouritism and criminal charges of setting up government schemes
to help private company.

London being sold down the river by its crap illiterate politicians to

London (a city of 8 million people, more than 10% of UK population)
is being sold down the river by its crap illiterate pooliticians
to regulators.

One the one hand you got a mayor who doesn't know where to place
his beedy eyes when confronted by holiday ads featuring people
in swimware, and on the other end you got illitterate spreadshit
pooliticians who can't tell the difference between row and column
editing process in a wordprocessor document with spreadsheet usage
who turns up for work every day to give away beeelllions
to illiterate private cumpanies like BT (British Telecum).

It might not matter were it not for the accerating pace of change
in fields such as 5G, IoT, AI+Automation which matters a lot to
London to retain inward investment in all things high tech.

All the current inward investment is in milking machines that
are designed bleed dry all UK customers by big foreign companies.

None of the inward investment is in 5G, IoT, AI+Automation where
we are going to be building the infrastructure and doing
the selling around the globe and crucially earning hard currency.

All of this is slide in London further facilitated by BT (British Telecum),
Open Roach, and Offcum. Between them they own the 1 million
all of the gigabit fiber links. 1 million is a tiny number
even for a large company like BT.

There should be hundreds of companies with ownership
of millions of symmetric gigabit fiber in UK.
And the price should be £150 per month for 10gbit because
that is what BT pays, and what anyone pays in Singapore.

And so the bent regulators prevent more fiber installations
by Offcum illegally setting "Dark Fiber Tax" as benefit for BT
(a private company) and its private pension hole
of 14 beeelllioonn pounds.

There is no incentive for any 5G, IoT, AI+Automation companies
to set up in London or anywhere in UK, because things of the Internet
such as IoT, 5G, AI+Automation require things that make Internet
such as gigabit symmetric fiber Internet. You should be able to
order 20 symmetric 10gbit fiber lines for £3000 a month
in London to start 5G, IoT or AI business. You can't. BT can.
Because of Dark Fiber Tax advantages to itself.
You need minimum of 1 million pounds for 1st year for the
same thing to pay it all off as Dark Fiber Tax to take care
of BT pension hole of £14 beeellion.

The situation is so dire IoD (an organization that represents
35,000 UK businesses) has placed a second dire warning
after its first one in 2016 explicitly mentioning
BT pension black hole scuppering UK.


Things are so desperate that people are coming together
and installing their own symmetric gigabit fiber Internet
(because this is 20x cheaper than any other forms of
Internet funded by illiterate pooliticians and government).

They form cooperatives and set up their own Internet across
countryside, where no beeelllion dollar cumpany like BT tread
because they are run by stupid people with superior spreadshit knowledge.

Yet its all so easy, that even a farmers wife managed to install 20,000
symmetric gigabit fiber
This is an area where no multi-billion dollar corporations would tread
they are illiterate in new technology such as gigabit symmetric fiber
and 20x lower capex than any of the thing they might have learned in
20x lower capex = 20x faster rollout!!

Desperation aside, all the pooliticians and regulators are lying
about London and its potentials.
They will not answer your FOI questions because they don't
work for the people or a democracy. They work for BT
and its 14 beelion pension hole. Its similar to an assp hole,
only a lot shinier for them.
2018-07-08 21:09:20 UTC
Post by 7
City of London fibered up in a few weeks with micro Kerb Trenching
The machine cuts micro trenches parallel to the kerb for
installing fiber optic cables.
No need to cone off the area while the work is being done.
Cars, lorries and buses can drive over the micro trench while the work
is being carried out because it is only an inch or two wide.
Kerb trenches are cut between the kerb stone and paving stones which
means they get are solidly supported at either side while the
work is being undertaken.
A bit better than your usual contribution, however as ever you are unaware
of reality - the City already has substantial powers and won't let anyone
dig up without careful planning: -
Proven technology that planners can breeze through.
It says so in the video. And reason demoed in the video.
You can drive over the trench while its being laid.
No need to cone off traffic!!!
And its cut between the kerb stone and the paving stone where
there is already cement gap anyway. It is a few inches deep
and will never impact any other service provider.
5.5 Statutory undertakers and maintenance