London MPs and Politicians Believing in Pixies Kill 5G in the UK
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2018-07-24 00:15:12 UTC
London MPs and Politicians Believing in Pixies Kill 5G in the UK

UK Government goes into print with telecom lies after lies after lies


There is great discussion in the document about how 5G will
bring all kinds of benefits to the UK. Indeed there are lots
of 5G companies set up in UK researching and developing products
that have collectively invested billions.

But nowhere in the document does it say that 5G requires
symmetric gigabit fiber Internet everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fsckwit poolitician has been bent by BT (British Telecum), Openroach
and Offcum into believing 5G will all get connected up by pixies.

The poolitician has no idea that 5G modems requires
separate dedicated symmetric 10+ gigabit fiber every 300 meters on lamp posts.


Looks like the pooliticians have never been told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The poolitician has been handed shiiite on a plate by BT, Offcum, Openroach
and they shined it without realizing they have been conned.

Pixies will surely install symmetric gigabit fiber Internet
for them when 2019 roll out of 5G is planned globally.

5G is already being rolled out in Singapore and elsewhere
in trials because they all have symmetric gigabit fiber Internet.

In UK there is no symmetric gigabit fiber Internet unlike say Paris.
Or customers with symmetric gigabit fiber Internet unlike say Paris
with 2 million customers.

Or if you take Singapore, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong,
it is 100% of the customers. Spain 80%, Portugal 80%.
And many EU countries.

Not UK.

There is no symmetric gigabit fiber Internet in UK to roll 5G out.

There are no customers with symmetric gigabit fiber Internet in UK
to generate revenues from 5G roll out.

So what the faaack are all the 5G companies investing in UK for?

It will be at least another 10 years before you can pick
up the phone and order a symmetric gigabit fiber Internet line.

Each major road needs 10,000 core fibers installed in a one
time install for all the lamp posts to receive a separate fiber for its
10gbit+ data rate 5G modem every 300 meters and
to have residents on the street fibered up without doing a double install.

UK Government goes into print with telecom lies


£30 beelllion to fiber up UK. Hardly.
Thats £1,150+ for each household if there are 26 million households.
The average is below £150 per household for installing symmetric gigabit fiber.

The £1,150+ is the cost of installing it with BT (British Telecum)
and openroach out dated copper methodology like this:


where the fiber arrives to within 50m of the customer, and is then turned
into copper and run along copper wires adding an £100,000 cabinet in the middle.

BT and Openroach lie to government that the diagrams in there is fiber Internet
and for which they are receiving 1.5 beellion for their little lies.
Because the cabinet costs £100,000 instead a simple £1000 fiber router,
no one wants to buy these ultra super facking expensive copper shiit Internet
from BT and offcum.

BT and open roach engineers and management trolls
are wahahankers and know shiiite about fiber telecom.

We all know this.

But to lie to government?

Doesn't that require a parliamentary enquiry?

And I'm sure the fiber companies have told a different story. Why was that rejected
in favour of this £30 billion lie?

In any case, none of this matters.
The price for 10gbit symmetric gbit Internet
is now dropping to £30 a month around the globe.

In UK, each 10gbit line will cost £85,000.
By the time 10 lines are ordered in a typical street,
the telecum cumpanies are expecting £1,000,000+ in
revenues from the VAT, overcharging and DARK FIBER TAXES
which will be fully administered and determined
by Offcum, to ensure BT and Openroach are
the only cumpanies who own fiber.

The government report prescribes what Offcum can do, but
doesn't go far enough to disband them and set up
a separate fibre regulator that has board
members from fiber companies and housing association
to businesses that will benefit from fiber.

All the while, Internet is shiite in UK, London and the City.

There is still no symmetric gigabit fiber in London.

There are No *fscking* customers in London/UK with
symmetric gigabit Internet
for 5G, IoT, AI, MI, VR, AR Digital, so what the *fsck* is
any of the Industry 4.0 companies doing in London?

How are investors going to generate revenue without
gigabit symmetric Internet for Industry 4.0 products?

If you said Paris, it has 2 million symmetric
gigabit customers. This list is beginning to get endless,
with Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal,
Estonia, Sweden, Madagascar, etc etc etc.

Copper Master Bation Switch Off Date - The Next Long Drawn Out Conspiracy To Trick Governments and Customers

The telecom incumbents next planned idiocy to extend the life of copper all
too clear - which is force government to set a switch off date for copper.

This is a completely fake and meaningless concept.

Firstly, telecom is a mix of hybrid technologies.
No one technology is fully rolled out before another
one gets rolled out across the same ducts.

So yes there are microwave links from the 60's everywhere
where it is not feasible to put in a cable; because telecom
is Hybrid of all technologies and has always been so.

And yet we don't have "microwave switch off date" do we?

So there is no need to have a "copper switch off" date either!!

Start installing fiber TODAY on top of the copper!!

It has always been done like that!!

The real reason for getting governments involved to set
a date for "copper switch off" is to extend the
"switch off date" from TODAY to decades into the future!!!

In short if government sets such a date,
the telecom companies will drag their feet until that date expires,
and even further than the date with claims that government
did not give them money for each every bit of copper they had to switch off.

Instead of falling into this crap trap dreamt up by shiite copper selling BT offcum Openroach
trolls, the government could equally force a switch off of copper
by simply taxing it higher every year
and allowing free hand for fiber install which doesn't attract this tax.

Since fiber is 20x cheaper and 20x faster to roll out than copper,
it would be quick and painless for incumbents to switch off copper
and provide fiber for under £150 a household average install cost
if its installed professionally.
(Which is not true if a foot dragging telecom incumbent installs
any fiber cable using out dated techniques such as blowing fiber
one at a time when they can just as well pull a bundle containing
hundreds of fibers in one go and also through overspecifying
installation such as rolling 10m of fiber into a 1U cabinet when
most installer will do 1 or 2m into a small 100mm or so sized
spool.) This cost is easily recovered in under 2 years.
If incumbent telecom companies did not switch to fiber,
they would have to hike prices to pay the tax
and loose all their customers to more nimble fiber providers.

BT and Openroach are UTTER FSCKWITs


BT (British Telecum) and Openroach are UTTER FSKWITS.

The diagram tells it all.

The trolls bring in a 10gbit fiber cable near
to a house, install endless amounts of media converters
cabinets, equipment and copper cables, costing
£100,000 and then finally 10 meters later, the customer gets
slow copper Internet delivered at low speed.

Customer won't get symmetric gigabit fiber Internet.

Since the final signals are travelling on copper,
anything more than about 50 meters, you got no signal
so they switch down to slower speeds again.

Waaaatheeeefoook is the government and the Chancellor
in particular think they are doing funding £1.5 beellion
for this craaaaapppp??

Gigaclear, Hyperoptic, B4RN, Cityfiber etc etc etc
have long ago ditched the entire £100,000 cabinet model and
wire direct to a cheap router and then split it to all
the nearby houses and flats down optical wires that can go
another 20km to all the farms, villages and nearby estates
before another repeater is needed.

At a cost of average less than £150 household, removing
the cabinet, pure fiber companies saved enough
money to cable up 700 homes with pure fiber!!!!!!!!!!!

But BT Openroach fsckwits have lost £100,000 tied up
in capital and no customers to pay for double money for half service
compared to true fiber providers, so they go
begging for a ton of money to their Chancellor friend
and MUST slow their roll out to pay for this fsckwittery.
BT and Openroach don't know how to use their spreadsheets
properly and roll out technology.

Net result is no symmetric gigabit fiber anywhere.

There are No *fscking* customers in London/UK with symmetric gigabit Internet
for 5G, IoT, AI, MI, VR, AR Digital, so what the *fsck* is
any of the Industry 4.0 companies doing in London?

How are investors going to generate revenue without
gigabit symmetric Internet for Industry 4.0 products?

If you said Paris, it has 2 million symmetric
gigabit fiber Internet customers to service.

UK slips to 35th position and its unmitigated disaster that
is going to engulf all businesses in London and UK
because investors have no idea what they are supposed
to be investing in London and no way of getting
any money back from those investments.

There is not even a contact phone number for fiber investmet to show
investors around the whole Industry 4.0 roll out.

Those responsible are hiding under the bed in case they have to
face the music and lie and lie and lie.

All the minister have bunked off.

All the MPs have bunked off.

All the local councils have bunked off.

All the people from Mayor's oriffice still
busy humping a deflated orange wigged balloon
hoping they get some sweets for it.

This is despite London is 92% service based
requiring symmetric gigabit Internet to sell
EVERYTHING London provides or supply.

This is despite UK is 80% service based
requiring symmetric gigabit Internet to sell
EVERYTHING they do or supply within
Industry 4.0 framework, and which require
all of UK to be symmetric gigabit fiber Internet
customers in order for them to roll out
Industry 4.0 products.

Only after that can investors come in and
invest in getting it rolled out to the rest
of the world and make money.

So all business leaders, and EE's, simply go
and put a cow's robotic IoT milking teat on the table
and ask them when are they going to
deregulate and make symmetric gigabit fiber
Internet for all so that IoT can be rolled
out and buyers can see how much milk
is for sale today? BT (British Telecum) Offcum Openroach trolls,
start saying things like tomorrow, then just *fscking*
shove that device up their assp.

Today Industry 4.0 compatible
machines auto plant seeds, cut off weeds,
water the plants and extract the produce without
need for human intervention, all of it tied to
IoT and Industry 4.0 tranformative technologies.

But there are no customer in London or UK
with symmetric gigabit fiber Internet to absorb
any of this Industry 4.0 technologies to generate
revenues for investors.

All that happens is BT, Offcum, Openroach trolls
turn up for work each day and make Britain a worse
place than yesterday thanks to a Chancellor that also
has no idea what the foook is going on regarding
Industry 4.0 5G, IoT, AI, MI, VR, AR Digital etc.

The chancellor, ministers, MPs, local councils,
Mayoral oriffices are all being butt fscked by
criminals from BT, Offcum, Openroach and they not
prepared to speak with anyone from Industry 4.0
representation and the fiber installation
companies and what they want to make it all happen.

All they are doing is waha waha we are being
butt fcked by Offcum, BT, Openroach and its wonderful
experience - see the inward investment we
are experiencing from all this.

No its down per head by 25% compared to Paris.

Even Lloyds is going.

The so called inward investment is fake.
Its just money to set up more web shops to milk the
UK and service the orders from abroad or
take the profits of milking UK to foreign
countries lowering UK productivity ever further.

And still there are no gigabit symmetric fiber Internet
customers to roll out Industry 4.0. The lying
politicians in government that spend all their time polishing shiiite
to keep themselves in power are lying about inward
investment and its real purpose, while everything else
around them falls apart at the seams.
2018-07-24 18:16:46 UTC
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The fsckwit poolitician has been bent by BT (British Telecum), Openroach
and Offcum into believing 5G will all get connected up by pixies.
Imps, surely..? Haven't you read Terry Pratchett..? It's all done with
imps, you know.
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